Coloring book dresses

Managed to get the girls dresses done for Christmas. I used the Kate's Dress pattern by Lilybird Studio.  Pattern turned out pretty great; there are two yoke options, and I did one of each.  I had never done a lined bodice before, but the directions led me through it smoothly.  Not sure how much the girls love the buttons up the back, but so far so good.  I used an IKEA fabric, with the possible intention of these being 'coloring book' dresses...but I just can't quite handle the thought of them coloring this in with fabric markers! Twitch.

Have two more to come for my nieces, not sure if I'll get a pic of all 4 of them, though!


  1. That fabric is so cute! How dies Ikea fabric compare to what one can get at a regular fabric shop? Love the pop of colour on both dresses :)

  2. I love the IKEA fabrics...most are wide bolts, so you get a ton of fabric. This particular print is more of a homedec weight...definitely heavier than quilting cottons, I like how it holds it's shape for this dress. I've also used this print to make a Noodlehead Supertote as a teacher gift. They do have some lighter weight fabrics as well, I used one for some oliver + s sundresses last year, came out nice. :D


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