Saturday, October 17, 2015

BigLittle Cape Test

I tested a Cape for BigLittle patterns.  It is just so much fun!  I used a cheapy synthetic velvet material from my stash. I can't say it was fun to wrestle with while sewing, but the drape and sheen are pretty fantastic, especially with Halloween coming up!  This went through multiple rounds of testing and comes with different length and hood options, and it is easy to adapt!    I made a long unlined cloak length with a rounded hood for a Little Red Riding costume, and it's fantastic.  She loves the drama of it.

Costume time!

I kinda dread Halloween sometimes.  I love to sew, but costumes...bah.  Worked out this year with a little cat and little red!  I used the SS Tobago with some craaaazy fun fur and added a tail.  Super cute!

Went out of my pdf pattern comfort zone and attempted my first paper pattern...did a trial with a sheet I'd intended for some jammy nightgowns, but we decided it was perfect for the costume (can you say WIN??).  It wasn't that bad once I figured it out, and I'm excited to have a base for future dresses as she's kind in that tween stage, which isn't that easy to fit!