Thursday, August 15, 2013

Collar Dress

I loved the look of this dress from Yeppar and eyeballed the pattern for quite awhile til I ended up getting both sizes last winter.  Finally got around to making the bigger one, and it's lovely.  Didn't love having to add my own seam allowances, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad.  This size came out fairly roomy for once, loving that she'll get multiple seasons out of it.  Pretty excited to have set in my first collar!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bubblegum Swing!

Just finished up participating in a sew along with Candy Castle for this's the bubblegum dress with a swing addition.  First time I worked with the pattern, and came out super darling!  It's a little 50's housewifey looking to me.  I also made bias tape out of the white/pink floral and it's super yummy and fun to have something unique.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jane's quilt

Finally decided on a design for Jane's quilt for her twin upstairs.  I'm doing the 9 patch with a patterned square next too it.  Trying to get a good amount of the Dick & Jane text fabric in it as well.  It's going to be loud! Cats, of course, think it's for them.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Color Block Tote Testing

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Color Block Tote by Aivilo Charlotte.  The pattern has an adult and a child size tote; I made the smaller one for my daughter.  I used some vintagey fabric I've had in my stash for awhile--with little cats drinking too much strawberry juz!  Still cracks me up.  She loves it, and loves red, so I used that solid for the contrast and handle.  I used the pattern as is, except for piecing a bit of my red fabric as I only had a small piece, and I did run more stitching stripes up the handle; I'm loving how that came out.  The pattern came together pretty easily, and I'm sure now that I've made one, it would likely take me only an hour or so, depending on my 'helpers.'  It would be a great project for a beginner, or a quick sew for someone with a little more experience.  I contemplated using holiday fabric, as this might be an adorable gift (filled or not).  I also might make more for my nieces and older daughter for our upcoming vacation reunion-perfect kid stuff.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Popover for some bugs

Little one had to stay home when the big one got to go camping with I let her pick through the fabrics I have and make some dresses.  She found this flashy one with butterflies, dragonflies, and lightening bugs that I'm sure one of them picked from the remnant bin, and there was enough for a dress for her and her doll. Did the Oliver+S popover dress again, such a quick sew and while it's still a little nightgowny for me, it makes a comfy dress for summer, that's for sure!  Definitely looks different in this than the Ikea fabric ones.  I also tried out my bias tape maker...thinking a wider one would be useful as well as the 1/4" was pretty narrow and a tich fussy to get sewed on.  She wasn't real thrilled with the yellow pompoms at first, but after seeing both dresses finished, she's pretty happy.  Whew!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Floral Linen Super Tote

Finally worked my way through the super tote for my mom. Little late for Mother's Day, but...

I tried out a few new things on this; I installed piping, my first magnetic snap, which is super fun to play with, and I did the recessed zipper, which will hopefully be a good thing for her to keep things solidly inside the bag.  I did a few of the little things I like to add at times, label, little heart ribbon tag, and a metal ring inside for clipping keys.

Love how it turned out, hope she will as well!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Parade Dresses

Bought this pattern from Aesthetic Nest to make the sleeves for the lemon birthday dress.  Finally got around to making the flutter dresses with it.  Love how they turned out.  Big one is maxi length and probably needs some kind of inner closure as it opens a bit too much in the back, but super cute regardless.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Super Tote

I've been eying noodlehead patterns for awhile, but fell in love with the new super tote pattern.  I made my first one as a gift for my daughter's speech therapy.  Fun tote with IKEA fabrics on the exterior. Ran out of time to get nice photos, but here it is!  I think the gusset is my fav feature!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Popover Sundresses

Found this IKEA fabric for a steal last time I was there.  Not sure if these are sundresses or more appropriate as nightgowns as the fabric is a bit sheer.  I kind of fussy cut so the bigger/brighter colors were in front...but super cute for yard play regardless.  I used the Oliver + S free popover dress pattern and it came out really cute.  I had to size up for my eldest and ended up just pleating the first dress and giving it to younger sis (which is why her's is longer).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Peasant dress

Needed some longer dresses for this season; just another peasant dress , but love how this one came out...and pretty excited to use up some stash materials. Had this awesome soft chambray I'd gotten from the remnant bin at JoAnns, and the florals were from a quilt store grab bag my daughter grabbed a few years ago.  My favorite is the mini pink rick-rack at the bottom and pocket's vintage from some sewing supplies that came in a sewing box my mom gave me--all from my great-grandma.  Super sweet.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lemon B-day dress

Luckily I got Jane's dress done well before her birthday at the end of February (unlike my usual last minute projects!) we had a horrible pipe leak in our house mid-month, and had to move out for what ended up being almost 2 months.

Great to be back home, and while we're still digging out and putting things back together, I'm hoping to get back into a number of sewing projects.

Regardless, the dress turned out great and she got lemon cupcakes to go along with it. I used part of a top from AestheticNest cause I loved the cap sleeves.  (I'm excited to make the top for summer!) I ended up having to re-do the dress a number of times to get the center border to come out well.  Circle skirt for the bottom with a ruffle that I almost regretted as it was lots of sewing and I was trying to hide seams. It's heavy and full and twirly cute! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rainbow Cover

Black friday shopping this year, and I finally got the dslr camera that I've been wanting for a good couple of years now.  I wanted to make a pretty strap cover, so broke into a stack of FQ's my mom got me over a year ago that I've been hoarding. I used this chevron tutorial  and this strap cover tutorial for the actual cover.  It's nice having a pocket for the lens cap, and it is super comfy!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Strip quilt

Decided that I should sew some WIPs instead of starting new projects.  I've been wanting to try some spiral quilting...mostly from the hope that I'd have less wrinkling.  It took a ton of time...and thread!  However, I'm loving how it turned out.  I think if I attempt it again in the future, I might try to learn how to use my walking foot or get some kind of quilting guideline so I can line things up a little wider than the foot that I was using.  The girls love it, and made for a nice use of some of the novelty scraps I felt bad just dumping.  I did a teal color for the binding and LOVE how that ties in all the other colors!