Summer busy!

We're summer busy around know how you always think longingly for summer during the cold winter months? Imagining all the relaxing in the warm weather? And then summer finally gets here...and we're BUSY. Busy with trips and visiting and celebrating, which is all so fun. The packing and unpacking: not so much fun!

Anyway, got back from a trip last week, and we're off for fun with family and friends this weekend. Just wanted to pop on here and get a few things up that I've been working on here and there. This is just a quick layout with some of the diecut paper I've been holding on it...and a photo of DD that I've also been holding on to. She's so amazing here. I stuck with the pink and orange from her dress (that Gram made!). Added some little glitter dots and stitched on some clear letters for the title. I think this might be a new fav color combo for me!


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