Popover for some bugs

Little one had to stay home when the big one got to go camping with gram...so I let her pick through the fabrics I have and make some dresses.  She found this flashy one with butterflies, dragonflies, and lightening bugs that I'm sure one of them picked from the remnant bin, and there was enough for a dress for her and her doll. Did the Oliver+S popover dress again, such a quick sew and while it's still a little nightgowny for me, it makes a comfy dress for summer, that's for sure!  Definitely looks different in this than the Ikea fabric ones.  I also tried out my bias tape maker...thinking a wider one would be useful as well as the 1/4" was pretty narrow and a tich fussy to get sewed on.  She wasn't real thrilled with the yellow pompoms at first, but after seeing both dresses finished, she's pretty happy.  Whew!


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