Color Block Tote Testing

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Color Block Tote by Aivilo Charlotte.  The pattern has an adult and a child size tote; I made the smaller one for my daughter.  I used some vintagey fabric I've had in my stash for awhile--with little cats drinking too much strawberry juz!  Still cracks me up.  She loves it, and loves red, so I used that solid for the contrast and handle.  I used the pattern as is, except for piecing a bit of my red fabric as I only had a small piece, and I did run more stitching stripes up the handle; I'm loving how that came out.  The pattern came together pretty easily, and I'm sure now that I've made one, it would likely take me only an hour or so, depending on my 'helpers.'  It would be a great project for a beginner, or a quick sew for someone with a little more experience.  I contemplated using holiday fabric, as this might be an adorable gift (filled or not).  I also might make more for my nieces and older daughter for our upcoming vacation reunion-perfect kid stuff.


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