Jammie Shorts!

I get sucked in by the wondrous internet...do I 'need' to make shorts?  Well...there is this Shorts on the Line thing going on over at Imagine Gnats, so I guess I do!
I've never made shorts before.  Frankly, the thought of putting those pieces together kind of threw me (and it still seems a teeny bit magical). I kind of winged it, looking at both this Pajama Shorts Tutorial and this Shirred Shorts. I had picked up this fabric in the clearance section of walmart, thinking of making some kind of play dresses for the girls. It's super sheer...which is why these are definitely for sleeping in/playing around the house and NOT for public. :D  I made them a bit longer (mostly in the hopes of upping the 'appropriate' factor for my 6 year old), they kind of remind me of the old school koolats. She was a little disappointed when they weren't a skirt, but once she put them on...didn't want to take them off as they are super comfortable.  Considering we're in a crazy heat wave, sheer and light is all good.
     I also finally shirred something!  I did the waist band with the elastic thread I bought a few weeks ago, intending on trying to make some sundresses (which are totally on the to do list now).  It really is super fun. I think I enjoy making dresses and skirts a bit more, but picking up some sewing skills with some of these 'challenges' I'm finding!


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