String Quilt WIP

I've got sooo many novelty prints that I've kind of 'outgrown'.  While I'm trying to trade or sell the usable chunks (anybody interested???), I took a ton of the scraps and cut them into strips.  I made pretty big 8.5"x8.5" blocks, and I decided to use a very teeny creme strip to make the 'diamond' center stripe.  Just helps tie it together a little bit.  It's loud and not very clean and modern, but the girls are excited to have something new.  I'm trying to decide if I should add two more block to the bottom and make it long and twin bed sized, or add three more blocks and make it a larger square.  I'm leaning towards square at the moment, 'cause...I'm just not sure it's something I'm ever going to want as an actual bedspread!  However, it might be a perfect play/picnic blanket. I'm even tempted to try the Prairie Point tutorial for the edges...although this might be too much effort for a scrappy quilt.  We'll have to call it practice for a cooler one.


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