KCWC Costume Dresses

Finished the girls fairy dresses, basic peasant dress base.  I used a circle skirt on the orange, but kept it square, and I'm loving how that flows.  On the red, I cut the dress wider at the base, and I did an overlay and cut it with a bit of a scallop.  Not loving how the hem came together, but it's certainly good enough for a Halloween costume!  Both have tied extra fabric onto themselves for belts/headbands. I got one Christmas dress cut-out and realized that I need more fabric for the second one.  Spent some time staring at my star fabric trying to decide if it will be good as a circle skirt; it's cute, but I need to figure out how to make the waist band covered as she doesn't love the elastic touching her.  Not bad for a day, not sure if I'm going to get much more done this week. 


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