KCWC Thanksgiving skirts

Well, I think next time I attempt KCWC, I will have to plan it out much in advance.  Our Walking Dead Season 2 cd came in from our library, and that chewed up some time in the evenings, and I probably needed a better plan and a cleaner workspace.  However, I'm happy to have Halloween dresses sewn, and I did get 2 skirts finished that the girls can wear this fall, and likely for Thanksgiving. They were unplanned as we happened upon a random jelly roll while out shopping, and I just went with it!  I totally intended on just making more tiered skirts til I came across this darling tutorial for a Ruched Strip Skirt.  It was super fun to make and didn't take as long as I feared it would.  I think it's going to look super fab with the new completely impractical tall boots my eldest just got, and how fun is the ruched vertical stripe??

While the last thing my youngest needs is more clothes, it's pretty hard to not make her something as she feels super left out if I don't.  I have this sweet dress from Gymboree that both girls have worn; the skirt part of it has these strips of fabric that are fantastic.  I've been thinking for years that I could or should attempt to re-make it.  I decided to try making a simple skirt since I already had the strips!  I am hoping the strips don't fray too much as I just ironed the edges over and top-stiched.  I pinned the strips and the waistband to the top of a basic skirt and sewed it all down.  If I make another one, I'll try to make a tutorial up.  The strips were super time consuming last night, but it's so worth the look.  I kind of winged it on measurements and I've had to cinch up the waist quite a big since she's so petite (it basically fits my 6 year old if the elastic isn't stretched!).  It makes a fun long skirt for now, and if the fraying isn't horrible, she can probably wear it forever, especially if I replace the elastic someday.  I should learn how to make an adjustable waistband. Hmmm.  Loving the fall colors from our random fabric find...and I see more jelly rolls in my future, gets me over that cutting fabric hump to actually sewing something!


  1. Super Cute! I have to say I did really well with KCWC for the first 4 days then Friday hit and things just fell apart!


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